1285 Elliott Rd, Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

The Kingdom Connection offers high speed wireless internet access across the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. We use antennas affixed to various towers and structures to broadcast an
Internet signal to everyone within sight. 

Our subscribers use an antenna installed at their location pointed at our antenna, plug in a special 'modem' and end up with a fast, reliable internet connection

  • Customer Service - Kingdom Connection's expert staff will not let you down. Customer service is not just a philosophy, it is our livelihood, and it shows in everything we do.
  • Performance  - Kingdom Connection High Speed Internet access offers better performance for a wide variety of today's interactive Internet applications.
  • Hassle Free Installation - Kingdom Connection professionally installs service for every valued customer; we do not send you a modem in the mail and expect you to do all the work. The only thing you have to do is place your order and we will handle the rest.
  • Dedicated Internet Network - The Kingdom Connection Network is designed exclusively for high-speed Internet, not television programming or telephone service like Satellite, Cable or DSL.
  • Wireless Last Mile  - Kingdom Connection is delivered to your home without wires or a satellite dish, so there's no phone line, cable TV, or satellite dish required, just a small indoor antenna near your computer or an outdoor antenna if your signal strength requires it.
  • Standard Ethernet Connection - The Kingdom Connection Network provides an Ethernet interface for your computer, which means it's fully compatible with WiFi and Ethernet in-home networks and Internet connection sharing routers*.
  • Compatibility - There is no software to install to access the Kingdom Connection Network, so you can use any Internet and Ethernet enabled device, including Windows PCs, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Mac OS, OS X, Linux, UNIX, Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox. You name it; we can provide a connection for it. 
  • Equal Access - The Kingdom Connection Network utilizes Patented "Polling" Technology to guarantee that every subscriber is given equal access to the network. While speeds will vary with traffic on any Internet connection, the Kingdom Connection Network allocates available bandwidth to every subscriber on an equal basis, so a single "Bandwidth Hog" can not dominate the network. 
  • Suburban and Rural Availability - The Kingdom Connection Network is designed to be economically viable in smaller residential developments than DSL or cable modems, this means that in many cases Kingdom Connection service is available where others are not.



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